Strong and Able

Pete Belasco

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The long awaited 2019 release

The return of an artist with his own vision, and at peace with the view.

Strong and Able is the re-emergence of an artist whose music lives in its own lane…a uniquely recognizable voice and sound; A collection of sultry passion set in song.

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Turkey Mountain Sunset


“Refreshing, organic, a great artist who brings romance & sensuality to every song. A wonderful composer, saxophonist and vocalist. Truly something special and unique in our day and time.”

– Najee

Find the Strong

Be the Able

Strong and Able is a collection of personal experiences put into song. A pure reflection on the resilience of soul, spirit, and rediscovery.

“Humans have issues and drama, and musicians are human…so, you can fill in the blanks. There’s a template, an overlay of life issues for all of us. Mine is possibly not that different than yours.”
– Pete Belasco