Pete Belasco - Artist

Billboard Magazine kicked off 2004 with a cover story on re-emergence of the soul music movement, noting that new artists are making their presence felt. Enter Pete Belasco with Deeper. Lush and seductive, Deeper plumbs the retro-feel of classic, sexy R&B grooves while staying contemporary. Fans of Belasco are slavishly devoted to Get It Together, his 1997 debut album. Get It Together was described by Jazziz Magazine as “brilliant R&B, Blues and Jazz fusion” and by Hits Magazine as containing “slow R&B grooves (that) promise to seduce you into a bed not made since Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’.” Deeper has already sparked interest in the UK, where the album reached the …1 position on Jazz FM.

Jazz/Pop artist Pete Belasco began playing piano at a young age, later turning his concentration to saxophone. Both of his parents played piano as well. In high school, Belasco played in rock bands, but he soon became primarily interested in jazz and studied sax at Rutgers University and the Hartt Conservatory. He was also preparing a demo at the time, but was involved in a severe boating accident that broke both of his hands. For several months, he was unable to play, but in the interim he turned to composing and singing. In retrospect, Belasco has referred to the accident as a watershed experience because it forced him to develop his songwriting and singing skills. Belasco’s demo made its way to Verve Records, and A&R Executive, Guy Eckstine, who signed him. Upon healing, Belasco moved to New York to record his debut, Get It Together, which was released on Verve Forecast in the fall of 1997. The album was a concoction of influences such as, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, and Curtis Mayfield, along with jazzy pop and lounge music cool. As Pete Belasco created the songs that would become his second album, Deeper, he kept returning to a common theme-intimacy. The grooves were sensual, relaxed, erotic. The lyrics were passionate, tender, generous. In a time of confusion and strife, Belasco wanted to sing about love, about faith, and about supporting one another. In a feature article in The Village Voice, music journalist James Hunter rhapsodizes about Belascos second effort. Deeper, New York singer-saxophonist-pianist Pete Belasco’s second album, floats a magnetic set of vintage vibes. Throughout most of the collection Belasco works primarily in his inimitable style, smoothly exhaling composed R&B ballads such as “Hurry Hurry,” “Keep On,” and “Wonderful Woman” in the manner of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and other close-mic’d soul guns. Elsewhere, Belasco plays fastidiously schooled sax instrumentals like a pop-soul fan imagining Sonny Rollins. In both cases, Belasco’s songwriting places a high premium on melodynot applied to hit-mongering, diva-making, or campfire singing. Many enterprising neo-soul renovators push slick new collections for contemporary interiors. Only, Belasco steals in, fires the contractors, and whispers to the homeowners: “You need this.” 

Since "Deeper," Belasco went into somewhat of a self imposed exile from the music industry; dedicating himself to raising his children and concentrating on composing. Aside from the rare appearance, Belasco has kept a low profile as a performer but has remained active as a songwriter-even having several songs featured on movie soundtracks. Now, after seven years, "Lights On" is finally here. Staying true to songcraft, Belasco creates another signature mood album weaving styles from Soul to Jazz and beyond in a seamless blend of "Belascan" moments.